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Unveiling Your Autumn Glow: Essential Fall Skincare Tips

Transitioning Your Skincare Routine for a Radiant Autumn

The change in seasons often means a change in your skincare routine. As the warm days of summer give way to the cooler, crisper air of autumn, your skin's needs evolve. But fear not; we're here to help you navigate the transition and maintain your radiant, healthy skin.

Why Does Your Skin Change in the Fall?

The seasonal shift brings a drop in humidity, windier conditions, and cooler temperatures. These environmental changes can affect your skin in several ways:

  • Increased Dryness: The lower humidity levels can lead to drier skin, causing tightness and discomfort.

  • Dullness and Flakes: Without proper care, your skin might lose its luster, appearing dull, and even flaking.

  • UV Exposure Continues: While the sun might not feel as intense, UV rays are still present and can damage your skin.

Now that you understand why your skin's needs change, let's explore the key elements of your autumn skincare routine.

1. Hydrating Cleanser

Begin your routine with a gentle, hydrating cleanser. This helps to cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. Look for cleansers with ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin remains hydrated throughout your skincare routine.

Some of my favorite hydrating cleansers: Farmhouse Fresh Green Tea Milk Cleanser, and Circadia's Vitamin Veil Cleanser (NOT suitable for acne prone skin).

2. Rich Moisturizer

The cooler, drier air of autumn calls for a richer moisturizer. Opt for one that provides the deep hydration your skin needs. Ingredients such as shea butter and ceramides help to lock in moisture and protect your skin from the brisk autumn winds.

Some of my favorite moisturizers: Circadia's Aquaporin Hydrating cream, and Face Reality's Hydrabalance Gel (I layer this under my moisturizer for even more hydrating power!!).

3. Exfoliation

Don't forget to exfoliate. As your skin can become dull and flaky due to the changing weather, exfoliation is crucial. Gently exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells and unveil a fresh complexion. Consider using a mild chemical exfoliant or a gentle scrub to avoid over-exfoliation.

4. SPF All Year Round

Last but not least, never skip the sunscreen. Even in autumn, UV rays are present and can cause long-term damage. Maintain your skin's radiance and prevent premature aging by applying a broad-spectrum SPF daily.

Some of my favorite sunscreens: Tizo Am Replenish, and Circadia's Light Day Sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 37.

By incorporating these simple adjustments into your skincare routine, you'll ensure that your skin remains healthy and radiant throughout the autumn months. Don't forget to always use products formulated for your specific skin type!! If you need assistance in determining what products are best for you, make an appointment with me by clicking HERE.

Remember, your skin deserves a bit of extra care with every seasonal change, and it will reward you with a beautiful, glowing complexion. Happy fall skincare!

Valerie Dennis is a Licenced Master Esthetician in the state of Virginia with a decade of experience from Spa leadership to skincare education. She is a Licenced Educator, Master Esthetics Program Director, and Owner of Dermalessence.

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